6 October 2011

Transmission 1 Drawing Moving Image


The definition of Moving Image is still forming – something to do with Video Art, Cinema and Photography, yet not exactly any of these, as it may or may not deal with issues of Narrative, Documentation or Performance.

Moving in and out of these frameworks, Moving Image utilises new and old techniques of Animation and Digital Technologies, and uses the camera as a unique medium of expression.

Artists whose practice is in Moving Image work in an age rich in imagery and sophisticated in use of technology. They borrow, as artists do, from all sorts of traditions, to capture and show through the lens fundamental ideas of art, life and meaning.

This first screening from theProgressiveImage, Transmission1, shows Moving Image and Animation from ten contemporary artists using Drawing in a variety of forms – animation, digital video, studio-based practice. Using pencil, computing, documentation and hair, Drawing is explored and redefined through Moving Image.

theProgressiveImage’s mission is to seek out and create a context around Moving Image works, and to explore definitions of Moving Image – a photograph existing in time rather than on paper, a film as if cinema had not been invented, a digital poem, video painting, a long moment.....


Heather Barnett
Rachel Evans
Parul Gupta
Paul Harrison
Jacky Hutson
Colin Legge
Eleanor MacFarlane
Duncan McKellar
Michael Szpakowski
Tom Walker

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