2 December 2013

Crucial Pursuit!

Crucial Pursuit is a Financial Planning Game for Artists and Art Students. It is a debating and discussion tool which is designed to enable Artists to think through various circumstances, decisions and consequences they will come across in their Art careers. All of the situations are derived from real experiences in negotiating the Artworld, and many recur throughout an Artists’ career, no matter how mature or established they may become.

Financial decisions can make or break Art projects and personal budgets, and Artists are no different, no more or less financially educated than the rest of the population – except they tend to be extremely resourceful in their practice. This means there is a great source of creativity to tap into, but this is sometimes inhibited by an enormous amount of received information and advice. Artists have high expectations of themselves, and often want to fulfil the expectations of others, viewers and Art professionals, in order to be seen as professional and credible. Naturally this does not always mean that the best solution is the one with the biggest budget. Equally, it is sometimes appropriate to invest in the highest possible production values in order to deliver an Art project successfully. Sometimes it needs to be gold and sometimes it needs to be cardboard.

Crucial Pursuit acts as a forum for Artists to examine their responses, consider alternatives, and swap real experiences and anecdotes, to embed flexibility in financial choices and thinking. Artists tend to take on the costs of their practice from their personal budget, and so while pursuing an established practice, unwise spending and poor decisions can spread into and hinder all areas of life. 

There is always an alternative. There is always a way of thinking which can make Art ideas happen. Money does not always equate to creativity, and it makes sense to be prepared, to think flexibly and to be resourceful so that financial and Artistic decisions are considered and not compromised.


Crucial Pursuit - coming to Art schools soon!

Some Crucial Pursuit! Art Dilemmas: