7 February 2013

Guardian Culture live chat

theViewergallery on the panel for a live discussion on the Guardian Culture Professionals Network
on Friday 8th February 2013, from 12 - 2.


Artist Eleanor MacFarlane of theViewergallery discussed setting up and running a popup gallery, and shared advice and tips.

And here is the Guardian's round up of the discussion:


Eleanor MacFarlane/theViewergallery's top tips on setting up a popup gallery:

Ask for free space: I have negotiated free or reduced rates for gallery hire in the past. If you're enthusiastic and can add value to the gallery by having a pop up day, they will help you out – I have even been given staff for free for the day.

Be patient: There's nothing wrong with smaller organisations waiting a bit until the next generation of things become cheaper. Let the large funded places invest in developing digital tech first. As long as you keep up with Twitter, Facebook, blogging and so on, tailor-made apps can come later. There are free online QR code generators to at least appear being up to date – it's a better contrast to have the gallery a bit old fashioned while the art is cutting edge.

Public Liability Insurance: If you are artists or curators popping up, join AIR at Artists Newsletter:
Membership includes public liability insurance.

Link up: One of the best pieces of advice for popups I've always tried to adhere to is to link with larger organisations.
So I linked with a local open studios programmes, linked my workshops with The Big Draw, etc.
It's mutually beneficial, and you get to be part of their publicity while you bring in new audiences for them.

Logistics and Layout of Gallery: I'd say shamelessly steal best practice ideas seen in various galleries and other venues. We should all do that!
Adapt ways of presenting according to what you have.
Galleries often have a resource table of books, etc, now - great idea which even a measly popup can replicate.
And definitely have seats available when screening video.