1 August 2016

theViewergallery shop

theViewergallery shop

theViewergallery has been a brilliant place for me to trial all sorts of ideas in exhibiting and projects. If you have attended a theViewergallery event you may have seen my popup shop, which grows each time, and then is stored away in a cupboard.

I love making things, and multiples, and resourcefulness. theViewergallery shop has been my exploration of museum and gallery shop issues, by being a one-artist multimedia conglomeration. Branded products, exit through the gift shop, souvenirs, the value of image, and so on. My take is not so cynical as some. I, like many others, love gallery gift shops and am not immune to the desires they engender. Artists produce and viewers buy ideas and items. Everyone trails in issues, but the transaction can be very fruitful.

For many years I have worked on a Metaphysical Exchange project, which has been merging with theViewergallery shop concept for some time - a swapping of ideas for gallery objects. Perhaps the next time theViewergallery pops up on site, I will have the opportunity to manifest this SHOP project - Swap Hypothetical Object Project.

When I have time to figure it out, I may also make it an online exchange project. Money can be swapped too - it's called buying! And I have some theViewergallery items I have made which I will make available.

In the meantime, I enjoyed setting up another online shop project with theViewergallery items available as mugs, bags and other items through CafePress. I love the aesthetic of theViewergallery - a mixture of handmade and digital, and always resourceful, interested, curious, inventive, thoughtful.

theViewergallery apron

ON keepsake box

theViewergallery mug

ON clipboard

theViewergallery cap

ON apron

theViewergallery badge

ON lunchbag

theViewergallery bag

ON mug

theViewergallery shot glass

ON necklace

theViewergallery Tshirt long

ON cufflinks

theViewergallery Tshirt

ON Tshirt

theViewergallery keychain

ON bag

These, and more, available to buy online.

22 July 2015

The Facsimile Box

How to make The Facsimile Box and Artefacts with artist Eleanor MacFarlane. 2015

A theViewergallery project 

The Facsimile Box project PDF download LINK


The Facsimile Box booklet


The Facsimile Box inside templates


The Facsimile Box outsides